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Peaches - Lightroom Preset Pakket

Peaches - Lightroom Preset Pakket

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What if you could create professional-looking and magazine worthy pictures with just the click of a button? "Peaches" is a creative's dream come true! The 5 unique presets in this package add a soft and sweet peach pink tone, instantly enhancing your favourite pictures and adding a dreamy, ethereal and feminine feel. When used for portraits, these will highlight your model's natural beauty by mattifying the skin and highlighting warm tones. Vibrant colours are softened and harsh contrasts are muted, resulting in a soft and matte finish. Those picture perfect brunches and idyllic hidden corners will never have looked so good! The "peaches" presets package is designed to use for a variety of pictures, from couple and wedding photography to outdoor scenes. Your purchase includes 5 unique, versatile presets, including 1 black and white preset and 1 preset created for indoor shots. The presets can be used for both jpegs and RAW files.


You'll receive

• 5 presets created for Lightroom desktop

• 5 presets created for Lightroom mobile

• a step-to-step guide explaining how to use these Nantedphotography presets

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