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Sakura beauty photoshoot

Pink galore on the photo session in the Sakura blossoms. This year, I wanted to capture this pink party with a beauty session between the blooming treetops. Joy went with soft, pink make up, that matched Amélie's light skin perfectly. The pink dress with open back, dramatic bow en poofy sleeves by Résumé (via day.) completed the pink mood, and the gold jewellery (Amélie's and by Avery Faye) added a warm touch.

The soft evening sun provided a perfect glow, but got replaced by a heavy rain shower pretty soon. The portrait session ended sooner than expected, but the changing weather did deliver two completely different moods.

model: Amélie De Rycke

make-up & hair: Joy Brabant

dress: Résumé CPH via Day Gent

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